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Visionary books to awaken and empower you
Visionary books to awaken and empower you

About the Author

From an early age, Catherine demonstrated a talent for writing and drawing. When she was in the fourth grade, she wrote and illustrated a picture book for her younger sister, which included a pop out at the back! At age 12, Catherine began writing and illustrating a series of short stories in which she assisted the police to solve crimes and catch the baddies. In her stories, she could be bold and confident, so unlike her real life as a painfully shy and introverted young girl. Her heroine traveled, raced fast cars, handled a weapon with ease, snow skied, rode horses, and played tennis. Interestingly, she would do all of these things later in life as she outgrew her shyness and her self-confidence soared!

With the advent of desktop computers, she put her editorial and artistic skills to good use. For twenty years, she worked as a desktop publisher and corporate communicator, producing a range of award-winning publications and specializing in annual reports.

A Personal Journey of Light


With a keen interest in self-development, she sought transformative experiences on new levels, including manifestation techniques, positive thinking, and subconscious mind theta wave reprogramming. In 1991, she was drawn to Siddha Yoga Meditation and began to immerse herself in this satisfying spiritual practice.


Then in October 2004, a series of extraordinary events began to unfold. Two beloved beings passed away, and she entered a downward spiral of deep loneliness and depression. Inconsolable, her grief consumed her. She found herself isolated from friends and family. This intense period heralded a profound spiritual experience that changed her life forever.

A Fateful Excursion

She visited a friend in Far North Queensland, where her Journey of Light began. Her friend took Catherine on a fateful excursion to Mossman Gorge on Aboriginal land. The humidity washed over them as they walked along a bush-laden trail, winding their way down to the gorge. They stepped through a multitude of ‘doors’, created by trees growing on opposite sides of the trail, their lofty branches entwining each other to join across the top. Up ahead one white and one spotted piglet crossed their path. Amused, they laughed and thought it was a good omen. Their journey along the trail seemed magical.

At one point they stopped to rest. Catherine closed her eyes to imbibe the natural energy pervading all around them. She noticed the colors in her mind’s eye had taken shape to form a circular image, containing an equal ended cross. Fascinated, she described the vision to her friend, who conjectured the image to be "nature revealing itself". After a few moments, the vision faded, and they continued their walk to the gorge. Catherine thought nothing more of the mysterious vision as she enjoyed a tranquil day wading in the luminous waters of the gorge.

A Divine Calling

Two months later, Catherine visited her niece in Germany and, together, they traveled to France. Staying in the quaint town of Reims, they toured the stunningly beautiful Cathédrale Notre-Dame. They meandered through massive halls and cavernous corridors, seemingly having no beginning and no end, adorned with sacred relics of faith and devotion. Catherine stopped for a moment to close her eyes and immerse herself in the energy of that divine place. To her astonishment, the circular image reappeared in her mind’s eye. She began to think something spiritually significant might be linked with the vision.

A Vision from Beyond

Shortly afterward, her visions increased. Soon, she began to perceive an otherworldly dimension, only as outlines, again with her eyes closed. The most striking visions revealed an Egyptian landscape, replete with palm trees and a pyramid, and a cathedral with stunning stained-glass windows. In the latter vision, an angel walked onto the scene, bringing her mother into view who had passed away only the day before. The angel seemed to be gently urging her to say ‘hello’, but she appeared hesitant. Catherine sensed her mother was concerned about alarming her. Catherine told the angel how beautiful she thought it looked, and it smiled at her, stretching out its magnificent wings! The next night the angel appeared again with her mother and this time her mother greeted her with a jubilant wave!

Finally, She Takes Notice

When Catherine returned from her odyssey, she reasoned all of these strange experiences were a consequence of spending far too much time alone, combined with deep emotional strain. Soon she returned to her usual routine and for a while, things seemed to resume normally. One glorious summer day, after returning from a short jogging session, Catherine thought she must have stared too long at the sun—something seemed to be blocking her eyesight. She shut her eyes and opened them. Directly in front of her, the circular vision had reappeared like a giant sunspot a third time, lasting for about a minute! Finally, she took notice.

A Rare Perspective

Although faded from view, the vision had etched its full impression on her mind and launched her consciousness on a quest to seek the truth underlying such a profound spiritual experience. During 2005, Catherine awoke each morning, her mind brimming with thoughts she had never had before. She felt compelled to write down her thoughts in a bedside journal. Often visions would accompany the insights she received, appearing in her mind’s eye and giving her a rare experiential perspective. She intuited a series of extraordinary insights, revealing higher knowledge about the truth of our existence.

The Most Significant Discovery of All

Within three months of this intensive 12-month period of revelation, Catherine made the most significant discovery of all. Necessity being the mother of invention, the next step of this mysterious process unfolded as a practical solution to the negative experiences plaguing her life for years.

One afternoon as Catherine jogged home, a dog chased after her and snapped at her shoe. Agitated by what she had perceived to be ‘the last straw’, she returned home and promptly wrote a positive affirmation, convinced she had to purge herself of negative feelings in order to remove negative experiences. The affirmation she wrote that day did much more than simply vanquish the obstacles in her life. It transformed her consciousness and provided a spiritual quantum leap to a powerful and accelerated path to spiritual enlightenment.

From the moment she began reciting the affirmation, negative experiences gradually ceased. However, for a short while, she noticed her negative thoughts and feelings increasing and conflicts still arose at times. Nonetheless, she persisted, driven by her newfound faith in the obvious power of the affirmation. The more she recited it, the more peaceful she felt. Conflicts gave way to harmony, and the negative thoughts and feelings eventually dissipated. With fewer difficulties, life became easy as her wellbeing heightened overall.

Encouraged, she repeated the affirmation continually. The mysterious visions increased, revealing glimpses of a skillfully hidden parallel dimension. Additionally, she noticed frequent flashes of blue light and the distinctive scent of vanilla drifting in the air around her. Reciting the affirmation seemed to be elevating her Light Frequency at an accelerated pace.

She Embarks on a Mission

Catherine embarked on a mission to share the insights she discovered with others in a very simple and universal way. By January 2006, she published her experiences in a beautiful hardcover book entitled Invoking The Light: Lift the Veil of Illusion, which was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2006 Independent Publishers Book Awards.

In March 2006, Catherine started raising awareness about this revolutionary and dynamic spiritual practice. Inspired by her own life-changing experience and the numerous testimonials of those who have embraced the transformational messages of her book, she has since made Invoking The Light her life’s mission. In 2007, she gave up her corporate communication business to devote all of her time to raising awareness about this significant spiritual breakthrough and revolutionary approach to self-realization, and what she believes to be the final answer to removing the troubling conditions of life.

A Simple, Yet Powerful Tool

In a concise and universal way, Invoking The Light offers a simple, yet powerful tool anyone can use in one's daily life. By Invoking The Light we may finally dissolve the fears, mental noise and deeply entrenched beliefs blocking our joy, fulfillment, and success. As The Light empowers our lives, it elevates our Light Frequency, enabling us to enter an advanced human state, when we are no longer subject to lower vibrations of thought, feeling, and experience. Although simplistic in form, it constitutes the most powerful spiritual path today. As Catherine writes in the introduction of her book:


“The Light is love and truth in its purest form—when invoked, it will protect and empower you, always. In any case, Invoking The Light is flexible, assisting you throughout your Journey of Light, from the most practical to the highest way, leading to the ultimate state of human enlightenment.”


Importantly, Invoking The Light harmonizes with all beliefs and spiritual practices and works even if you do not believe in it! Invoking The Light enables us to transform our lives, our communities and our world for the better, as The Light nourishes the core of our spirit.

A New Venture

Catherine has taken a long-awaited plunge into the depths of a new genre, Science Fiction/Metaphysical and Visionary, finally fulfilling her dream of writing fiction. Her trilogy of short novels entitled The Ethereans has been a joy to write, and she hopes readers will love it too. Whether or not you enjoy the genre, if you love Invoking The Light, you'll love the new trilogy. Her hope is to inspire and uplift as always, but this time, in the context of an adventure on a grand scale—fun for the whole family and appealing to readers of all ages!


Blessings of The Light to all.

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