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“I have done many prayers that are so similar but this has worked!”
“Refreshingly straightforward and practical.”
“WOW! This is powerful stuff!”

What Our Reader's Are Saying...

In raising awareness about her book, the author encountered an inspiring number of people devoted to the messages conveyed in Invoking The Light, creating a supportive network of ‘Light Minds’. With heartfelt gratitude, she wishes to thank everyone who took the time to offer their inspiring testimonials.

The best book ever written!


At the Carrara Market in Queensland's Gold Coast, the author met a Reiki Master who, after reading her book, proclaimed, “This is the best book ever written!” and was particularly inspired by what he referred to as a “keyword” on page 63 of the original hardcover edition—frequency.

Invoking The Light replaces 1,000 books


In March 2008, at the Holistic World Expo in Toronto, everyone who attended the author's talk bought a copy of her book, with one buying six copies for her students and another buying four copies for friends and family! One person who had bought her book the day before attended her talk and exclaimed to everyone, "You must buy this book!" She added that she had 1,000 books and Invoking The Light replaced them all!


I love your book!


Bev, a bookseller in British Columbia, Canada, told the author enthusiastically, “I love your book!” and added, “I can hardly wait for the sequel!”


The results are life changing


Miguel in North Carolina, who offered his testimonial in the author’s TV commercial, which aired nationally in the USA in 2006, says, “The Light is living love — watch the results; they are life changing.” A long-time student of A Course in Miracles, the divine messages in Invoking The Light resonated with him at the highest level.


Awaken the core of your spirit


In Pennsylvania, the author met Bonnie, a young woman who, after attending a talk given by the author, was convinced Invoking The Light offered the only answer to the world’s difficulties. Only a few days before the author’s TV commercial was about to be filmed, Bonnie dropped everything and booked a flight from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to be in her video as a testimonial. She says, “We are at a pivotal point in human history. It is so simple; the truths in this book will awaken the core of your spirit.” 


Benefit yourself and others


Additionally, Bonnie gave a perfect example of how The Light not only benefits the lives of those actively Invoking The Light but also how The Light radiates outwards to benefit the lives of others. After reading the book, she found the courage to quit an unrewarding job and began working for a friend who operated a small architect consultancy. In only three weeks, her friend acquired new clients and work premises. He attributed this good fortune to her presence: he did not know she was Invoking The Light!


Inspiring creativity


Ms. Reynolds met so many delightful personalities, in particular, two people who, after meeting the author, felt inspired creatively:


A shining star!


Helene, of Native American heritage, wrote a poem she entitled simply, ‘C. F. Reynolds’, which goes: ‘She’s Invoking The Light: What a beautiful sight! I was not without a fight, of dark and light. Through it all, she kept the sight of The Light. She’s beautiful and smart, I knew from the start, we had a connection for true. I am blessed to have met a woman like you. For spirits of like minds are so hard to find. You’re ever so kind. May The Light always shine on you for the rest of your journey. Wherever it takes you afar, you’ll always be a shining star!’


A beautiful song


After only one month of reading Invoking The Light, Barbara caught up with the author at the Body Mind Spirit festival in Los Angeles, proclaiming with delight, “Your book has changed my life!” To help her remember the invocations in the book, Barbara wrote a beautiful song based on the invocations. She brought her guitar to the festival and sang her uplifting song to the absolute delight of the author and passers-by!


A lifetime of searching ends


While attending a New Age festival in Sydney, Australia, Ms. Reynolds met a strong yet delightful woman who almost did not buy her book because she said she had "done it all". The author promised her if she did not get something out of it, she would refund her purchase on the day. She began reading Ms. Reynolds’ book at the festival and brought it back for the author to sign a few hours later! Upon returning home from the festival, the author received a message on her answering machine from the woman saying she had "the most incredible connection with the radiant light during meditation". She added "no money on this earth is worth the book" and thanked the author for helping to "bring her to the place" she had been "searching for her whole lifetime".

Transcending generations


Invoking the Light transcends generations, appealing to readers of all ages:


Life Changing


At a Mind, Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne, Australia, an 18-year-old man wanted to meet the author to tell her about how the book had changed his life after only a couple of months! He had a drug problem and attended a meditation session with a practitioner who was using the invocation in Ms. Reynolds' book as part of her practice. She loaned a copy of Invoking The Light to this young man who read it and immediately began applying the invocation in his life. In only two months, he lost his desire for drugs, and a much loved spiritual gift of seeing auras, which he had lost since childhood, returned. At the festival, he was so happy he hugged the author several times before leaving her stand. He is such an inspiration, like so many others who have, in a very short time, changed their lives for the better.


Accelerated Enlightenment


At another festival in Australia, a retired gentleman who met the author lamented that he had been trying for 60 years to become enlightened. After Ms. Reynolds had told him, on average, one can attain enlightenment by Invoking The Light in as little as 18 months, he promptly bought a copy! A short time later, he called the author to thank her for the book, saying he carries it with him wherever he goes!


Night terrors Stop Immediately


A young mother described how she had tried everything to alleviate her daughter’s night terrors without success. Her daughter had experienced them ever since birth for nine years. Then she Invoked The Light—the night terrors stopped immediately!

More Inspiring Feedback


More inspiring feedback received directly from readers include the following excerpts, which so candidly illustrate the simplicity and power of Invoking The Light:

"A wonderful healing tool"
"I met you about 10 years ago at a Spirit/health fair in Charlotte. Your book resonated with me, and I took home a signed copy. I am a spiritual empathy and channel, and work with others to facilitate healing. Just want to tell you that every client leaves with a recommendation for your book (Invoking the Light). I can’t say enough good things about how the light prayers help me, as well as others I work on. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful healing tool!"—Janelle
"A treasure of a book"

"I bought your book but as with many book purchases waited until divine timing to read it, which was quite recently. I want to say 'thank you'—it is a treasure of a book. I use the technique all the time and find it extremely effective, and shared with circle members and family who also find it really great. I have done a book review for The Light Workers Way Magazine which is appearing at the end of October at our Psychic and Wellbeing Festival. Here is a copy of the article. I would like to order 10 copies for circle members and family. Every good wish with all that you do. Love and Light."—Sheila Morgan, The Light Workers Way


"Enlightening the souls of Earth"

"Your book of light has been very helpful to me and my wife. And, I am certain it will assist many other souls at this time of transition to the light. Attached is a chapter from my upcoming novel The Malibu Mystic. This story is based on my life experiences and research. In the attached chapter, my shaman friend is a real person who recently wrote to you. Whenever we end our phone conversations he always encourages me to stay radiant. In essence, that is the most important message in your book which I greatly appreciate. Thanks again for all your efforts to enlighten the souls of Earth."—Robert


"Rising above the pack mentality"


"I bought Invoking The Light at a New Age expo at Phillip Island about a week ago. Reading your book was the last thing I did before I went to sleep last night, which involved reciting some of the affirmations. I ended up having a vivid dream about sitting next to Nelson Mandela (who is always foremost in my mind when I think of messengers of god/divinity personified, that sort of thing) who advised me to keep rising above the pack mentality. I sensed that I should do this in a quiet, humble way and not in a confrontational way. I also felt awash with his warmth after he turned and spoke to me and was filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude that this man might take a minute to speak to little old me!! I felt compelled to write to you because I NEVER have dreams like this. I really can’t remember when a dream has made me feel nurtured and reassured. I can’t wait to get back to my home in Sydney and start clearing, setting up a meditation space and practicing the affirmations! I’d also like to let you know that when I am feeling fearful or lacking confidence, reciting the affirmation alleviates those negative emotions immediately. I really appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me."—Amanda


"Evoking the highest potential"


“When your book arrived, I stopped everything and read it all the way through in one sitting. I can't remember enjoying myself so much and being so continuously thrilled as I savored each and every page. As a result of using the invocation, any and all difficulties, struggles, confusions, doubts, fears, and inharmonies in my experience at any time, both inwardly and outwardly, readily and miraculously dissolved. I couldn't have been happier. I've been a spiritual teacher for 37 years and it is crystal clear to me that what you reveal in your book is by far the most immensely powerful and at the same time elegantly simple spiritual discipline available today. By that I do not mean that all other spiritual wisdom is unnecessary, inferior or useless—quite the contrary—your revelation has the effect of consolidating and evoking the highest potential inherent in all genuine spiritual wisdom.” — Ben


"Very easy to read"


“I received your book a few days back and read it straight through. It was very easy to read and captured my attention quickly. I have a reading disorder attached to Klinefelter Syndrome but your book was a breeze to read. I felt the ‘energy’ of the affirmation and it was very pleasant. Thank you for providing this brilliant book to the world.”—John


"I've detected the Spirit of Truth"


“I really enjoyed your book and have been regularly reciting the affirmation. I’ve detected the Spirit of Truth in much of what you say and for the most part, it rings true. I also really appreciated the emphasis you put on how dark often masquerades in its own form of light. As a person who comes from a Christian perspective, this harmonizes well with 2 Corinthians 11:14 and other verses.”—Matthew 


"An awakening of a forgotten truth"


"I met you in Nelson at the craft fair. Having a conversation with you that day made the day. Your work is really courageous and inspiring. Since then I've been reading your book and soon I'll be finished. I can already feel my own veils of illusion breaking down. It's like an awakening of a forgotten truth. It's really an upgrade from the old New Age views. Thanks for shining The Light."—Ryan


"The message I receive for my clients is: Invoke The Light!"


"I'm so happy to see you are on tour. I've been telling everyone about Invoking The Light. I do energy work/readings and so many times at some point the message I receive for my clients is: Invoke The Light! I say that I step back and let them hear God's voice not mine. I use The Invocation before I see a client and in thanks after. As a matter of fact all day. I wrote them out in my journal."—Cheryl

"A new insight to life and the world"


Invoking The Light has given me a new insight to life and the world. I feel very lucky to have found it. You know that your wonderful message spreads by word of mouth too. Many of my friends have read your book and have since bought their own copies. So the word spreads through everyone touched by your book. I thank you as a light being who has brought a great gift into my life.”—Sue


"Straightforward and practical"


"I read a borrowed copy of Invoking The Light, and now I would like to obtain my own copy and also send a copy to a friend. I have been reading books that try to explain the true nature of life for three decades and found Invoking The Light to be refreshingly straightforward and practical. I wish your work the success it deserves and to you the Blessings and Clarity of The Light."—Helen

"A wonderful help to many of my clients"


“Your book has been a wonderful help to many of my clients. One in particular sings the invocation to the tune of ‘Amazing Grace’ in the shower each morning! I look forward to receiving the book and many more to come. Love and Light to you!”—Alison

"Such a statement of truth!"


“The book is just so beautiful. I find myself saying the basic invocation sometimes for a while automatically, like a mantra. It is such a statement of truth!”—Ilanit.


"Especially helpful with a gravely ill woman"


“My business neighbor has really taken to your book, and is Invoking The Light every day. She said that it has been especially helpful in a situation with a gravely ill woman that she is attending to.”—Mark

"The TRUTH of all truth"


“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Invoking the Light and notice how you managed to put the metaphysical discipline in such a flowing manner, eliminating all the cobwebs and getting straight to the point, so that a light reader will not be too overwhelmed by it all, and a deep reader would see the profound truth behind it all. And the information you impart is from the TRUTH of all truth and you were able to be grounded so that your reader can digest what you have to share, rather then feeling like you were ‘off with the fairies’. This I feel will be ideal as it will appeal to those who may be intrigued in this area but are not certain, and those who are deep in it can enjoy just as much.”—Fiona.


"One of the most important books I have read"


“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing book. I started Invoking The Light on a regular basis, and I feel a deep sense of peace as I do. This has been one of the most important books I have read. I really loved every part of it. I found the information in it to be so powerful, I am sure it will change my life. In truth, it already has. I can't thank you enough.”—Tom.


"Very inspiring, uplifting and timely"


“I have just finished reading your book Invoking The Light, which I found very inspiring, uplifting and timely. I loved your stubbornness and determination; thank you. I see your book travelling the world and a sequel written. Congratulations, keep up the great work. See you on the Oprah Show, you brother of The Light.”—David.


"Encapsulates how I see things"


“I love the book. It encapsulates how I see things and is very straightforward and honest in putting over the concepts. Even the genuinely curious person will enjoy the experience. I will be talking about and recommending the book to friends and like-minded people in the future.”—Neil

"Relief from large distressing problems"


“Thank you for your book and the beautiful invocation it teaches. It is so pleasant and easy to Invoke The Light, especially easy to slip into automatic and keep doing it while concentrating on other tasks. After starting about two weeks ago it felt especially powerful and uplifting and there did seem to be some relief from large distressing problems in our lives at the moment, some changes and the sense of more positive directions.”—Janice


"The world is ready for enlightenment"


“Your book has affirmed the beliefs I have somehow come up with for myself. I couldn't believe it; I was so overjoyed. As I was bought up a Christian I was feeling confused. I was also aware that my ego could be playing a part in this, and so I wondered whether I was on the right path. The world is ready for enlightenment, and we have to be prepared for what I believe will be a bit of a battle, but The Light will ultimately win. I just want everyone to share the knowledge you have brought to us. Bless you!”—Irene

"When the student is ready, the teacher arrives"


"As they say, 'When the student is ready, the teacher arrives'. Looks like I became ready only now, to receive the message through your book, even though you had written it a few years ago. Thank you for clarifying some of the items, especially regarding dealing with dark forces. It was a breath of fresh air for me, since whenever I bring up the subject with my other healer-friends, and even my family, they say that by talking about the subject, we give those forces power. My way of working is that if I know something negative exists, then I need to face it and find a way out to resolve the issue, rather than just pushing it away, saying that we are giving them power, etc. I have been on the quest, ever since I could remember, to find a way of being able to 'manage' the effects of the dark forces that keep creating obstacles at the easiest opportunity, my own family being a constant target. You were bold and blessed to face it with courage and write the book to help our planet to purify itself."—John


"A profound effect on my life"


"I'm really looking forward to receiving your book!  I believe things come into our lives at certain times when we particularly need them, and I have a feeling your book is going to have a profound effect on my life. It's been a bit crazy of late, and I just KNOW your book is going to help me to become more in tune again! I know that I have found your book for a reason, and I am grateful for that."—Sophie


"I have done many prayers... but this has worked!"


I did read your book, and I will tell you, I put my mind and energy into that space and did the prayers. I have done many prayers that are so similar but this has worked! I have had the last few days complete happiness... Relief! So Thank you. My daughter loves your book.... and I love it too!"—Lisa

"A wonderful tool for many of my clients"


"Many thanks for your wonderful book which I have enjoyed reading immensely thanks to a friend lending it to me—it puts everything very simply and succinctly.  I feel it would be a wonderful tool for many of my clients and would like to recommend it to them for reading and learning to Invoke The Light. Many thanks. Namaste."—Libby

"Sharing your light with others"


"Congratulations on your revelation and sharing your light with others. Go girl!! Pardon my expression, I know we haven't met, but I am so excited for you and know that you will soar. All the best."—Fiona 


(Note: Fiona was very kind to encourage Farrells Bookshop in Mornington, Victoria to stock Invoking The Light. The author expresses her gratitude and blessings of The Light to Fiona and everyone actively spreading the word about Invoking The Light.)


"Your message is important"


"I hope your book launch in LA met all your expectations. I enjoyed reading your work—your message is important. Many sections of your book resonated with me, in particular, your discussion about energetics and religious distraction (as distinguished from spiritualism).  After lifting the 'veil of religion' we can come to appreciate the message of Christ (I have never read the Bible).  I no longer accept teachings placing man on the pedestal of power and control over the natural world. I have been a spiritual expeditionary all my life, most of the time without knowing the road I travelled. I am convinced that 'lifting the veil of illusion' is central to that journey. All the best."—Steven

"It has worked wonders for me"


I purchased a copy of Invoking the Light from Dyoligy in Traralgon about two weeks ago. I was in an extremely dark place, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally, and then I bought your book. It has worked wonders for me, but it is early days yet, and I must be careful. I have just begun the journey using your book, and already in the short span of less than two weeks, my mood has improved and I feel more confident about myself. My intuitive abilities, ones that I never knew I had, are beginning to develop. Overall, I will keep working with The Light and battle the forces of darkness that, for far too long, have besieged me. Thank you for your simple yet inspiring book! I will endeavour to keep its message in my heart. May The Light shine on you, now and forevermore."—Kyle

"I can easily believe..."


"I saw on your website that Invoking The Light made the top 13% in the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards with an honorable mention in the category of New Age (Mind-Body-Spirit). I can easily believe that. :)"— YouTuber 0504dj


"The Grace Light... seems to resonate"


"I am more than half way through your wonderful book. It is very informative and inspiring. I hope to attend one of your programs when you return to California. Are you familiar with the teachings of Dattatreya Siva Baba? He says that when the Grace Light enters the third eye the color there goes from dark green, to light green and then to gold. This seems to resonate with your book cover."—John


"Bringing in The Light!"


"I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring workshop at BMSE LAX this January. What we learned (we were the three girls) is being implemented on a daily basis and spread throughout! I can't wait to purchase the book. Thank you again, for bringing in The Light! Happiness and success to you."—Tita

"If it can be this easy, sign me up!"


"Catherine, I am so lucky—you are a gift! I will definately do as you explain here, and I plan on re-reading your book more carefully this weekend. (My daughter was so excited for me—she asked when I got home, 'mommy, did you get to meet the author?') I do want to tell you that a couple nights ago I did just that when my oldest son was ranting, and I finally sent him downstairs to cool off before I lost my cool. Still he kept yapping up from down there, and I decided I should Invoke The Light without even commenting on what he was saying anymore and he just stopped! Yeah! If it can be this easy, sign me up! :-)"—Lisa

"Appealing to those that are in the grief process"


"I have been thinking long and hard about your book and the significance of it. I think your invocation is a powerful tool for rising from darkness and depression of grief specifically. Did you know that the color (periwinkle) of the cover of the book is an ancient color for rising from grief? As a therapist and a psychic I have been sharing the invocation with various clients in both of my practices, and have been recommending your book. To my surprise it is appealing to those that are in the grief process. Is it possible that you might promote your writings to various retreat and training groups that deal with speakers and workshops dealing with grief?"—Tawn


"WOW! This is powerful stuff!"


"I had an interesting experience yesterday with some energy that was under the house.  Since Invoking The Light it didn't even come near me. It just passed by me and out the door. In the past it would attack or attach. So amazing! I am finally seeing The Light. WOW! This is powerful stuff."—Kathy

"Rose... your biggest fan!"


"I’d love you to meet my friend Rose, she’s your biggest fan! Rose had a signed copy of your book and lent it to a friend who has become unable to part with it. This is the second time this has happened to Rose!"—Tara

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