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Lift the Veil of Illusion

A Revelation.

Inspired to seek the underlying truth of a profound spiritual experience, including numerous visions, C. F. Reynolds intuited a series of insights. They revealed answers to questions puzzling humanity since time began about the truth of our existence.


  • Hidden realms paralleling our world and how they operate

  • How struggles manifest in the physical world and what we can do to finally resolve them

  • An easy way to dissolve the subtle influences distracting us and blocking our highest potential

  • The illusionary nature of our earthly existence and how everyone and everything in it is a projection, an impression only of our true selves and reality

  • The process of Divine Denouement in unraveling the mystery of life as the truth of our existence and Divine Life Purpose unfold

  • What really limits us and how to finally transcend it as we recognize and remove, once and for all, what gets in the way of achieving our highest potential

  • Know why self-development strategies and other energetic practices get you only so far, such as positive thinking, the law of attraction, and meditation, even religious and New Age practices

  • Understand the connection between science and spirit

  • Uncover the hidden influences working behind the scenes of what we perceive as reality

  • What we can do to make a measurable difference by serving as vessels to anchor the power of The Light throughout our lives, communities, and our world

  • How to remove blocks we may not know exist, hidden deeply in our subconscious or at a cellular level, reinforcing negative thought patterns, emotional states, and experiences

  • The truth about fear and how we may transcend its illusionary effect over us, attaining a true state of fearlessness

  • The ethereal world of dreams as an extension of our earthly existence and as a powerful tool of illumination

  • How Higher Knowing transcends knowledge when actualizing our most cherished goals


Invoking The Light shares these insights and so much more in a Universal way, offering a fresh perspective on traditional and alternative beliefs.


Invoking The Light Is Simple.


We expend so much time and energy coping with the difficulties of life in the modern world. For the first time, Invoking The Light offers a simple yet powerful solution. When invoked, The Light frees you from whatever stands in the way of achieving your highest potential as you to enter a state of well-being, fulfillment, and empowerment.


A Practical Tool.


Invoking The Light offers a practical tool you can use at any time to empower your life—it takes only seconds!. Importantly, Invoking The Light harmonizes with all spiritual practices and beliefs, and works even if you do not believe in it!


Imagine the heights you will be free to reach as The Light vanquishes all fear, blocks, and obstacles from your life and the lives of those you love!


Take Charge of and Accelerate Your Enlightenment.


Invoking The Light empowers your life on every level while elevating your awareness and accelerating your enlightenment. No longer do you need to follow complicated rituals, meditate for hours, or rely on others for your enlightenment. All you need do is regularly recite two simple sentences as The Light nourishes the very core of your spirit!


Although simplistic in form, Invoking The Light constitutes a revolutionary and dynamic spiritual practice and the most powerful spiritual path today. A bold statement, indeed, but there's a simple reason why. Due to its fluctuating nature, working with energy alone will get you only so far. For example, pursuits such as positive thinking, self-development, and even religious and New Age practices. One day you're on top of the world and the next day down in the dumps.


Invoking The Light enables the direct transmission of The Light Beyond Energy. How else may we transcend the limitations of this illusionary existence? What's more, Invoking The Light is flexible, assisting you throughout your Journey of Light so you can make progress at your own pace. It can assist you in the most practical way in your daily life while you simultaneously achieve the ultimate state of true enlightenment. It has never been so easy!


All you need to know is The Light.


Consider for a moment the blissful possibility that you do not have to 'work on yourself' or 'resolve your issues'! In truth, we are not here to 'learn' in order to 'grow' spiritually. We are here to become Fully Aware. To achieve this ultimate spiritual goal, all you need to know is The Light.


You may wonder why The Light is all we need to know. The answer is simple yet powerful. The Light embodies all that is knowable. It is Grace, Love, and Truth in its purest original preexisting form — when invoked, it will protect and empower you, always.


In this way, The Light does all the 'hard work' for you by dissolving blocks while empowering and accelerating your positive intentions and illuminating your clarity of focus. Such a simple concept may seem extraordinary, but Divine Simplicity resides at the very heart of Invoking The Light. With just a few words, obstacles vanish, as you illuminate your life.


Invoking The Light is unique.


You may wonder how Invoking The Light differs from traditional 'light work'. Most lightworkers access light of a cosmic, energetic source. However, as Einstein has observed, energy cannot be created or destroyed; it regenerates. For this reason, when you 'work with' energy, it gets moved around or displaced. Nothing really changes. Even if energy seems to change or 'go away', inevitably it returns — such is the nature of energy. How many times have you had the experience of 'resolving an issue' only to have it return years later?


As another way to understand the true nature of energy, how do you feel when you have a negative thought, such as self-doubt or worry? You tend to feel heavy. How do you feel when you have a positive thought, such as love or self-confidence? You feel light as if you are walking on clouds! Like everything else in an energetic existence, thought takes form and that form is energy. Our day-to-day lives can feel like a merry-go-round of ups and downs!


The key is frequency.


Energy operates at lower frequencies (negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences) and higher frequencies (positive thoughts, emotions, and experiences. transmuting lower vibrations of energy to the highest equivalent Light Frequency. For example, confusion transmutes to clarity, hate transmutes to love, fear transmutes to courage and conflict to harmony. Importantly, every time you Invoke The Light, your Light Frequency builds, finally enabling you to transcend the limitations and lower vibrations of this energetic existence.


To enable true and powerful lasting change, you must reach higher than energy.


Invoking The Light is bestowed with the power to transmute energy to the highest Light Frequency, taking us off the merry-go-round at last and empowering us to grab the brass ring of spiritual freedom.


Transform your life on every level.

Invoking The Light offers a simple yet powerful tool you can use at any time to transform your life on every level. True enlightenment has never been so easy and accessible for everyone! Invoking The Light dissolves, once and for all, the fears, mental noise, and deeply entrenched negative beliefs blocking you from living a life of joy, fulfillment, and success as you take charge of and accelerate your enlightenment! 

Invoking The Light can assist you in unlimited ways:


  • Achieve the best outcomes for all involved in any situation

  • Steadily raise the Light Frequency of your life, enabling it to become more positive and empowered, as difficulties dissolve

  • Attract and maintain supportive and meaningful relationships

  • Remove obstacles and achieve your goals

  • Promote optimum health, wellbeing, and peace of mind

  • Dissolve blocks and unlock your highest potential

  • Identify the true source of ‘karma’ and dissolve it for good

  • Remove curses and negative, even demonic, entities with ease

  • Activate more lucid and realistic dreams, as they become powerful tools of illumination

  • Awaken the slumbering awareness and live life fully aware

  • Heighten your intuitive gifts beyond the mind

  • Elicit true and powerful change by transmuting lower vibrational energy to

    the highest Light Frequency, enabling a highly advanced state of being

  • Revitalize your being on every level, as you release all mental, physical

    and metaphysical blocks

  • Transform and supercede the practice of 'working with' energy

  • Unlock hidden talents and abilities and live your greatest joy

  • Take charge of and accelerate your enlightenment

Invoking The Light nourihses the very core of your spirit. All you need do is regularly recite two simple sentences!

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