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Book Reviews

By Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

September 2018


"A rollicking ride against impossible odds to fulfill a dream and save Earth!"


The Ethereans: Nemesis Rising by C.F. Reynolds is a highly imaginative tale featuring unusual phenomena, compelling characters, and a sophisticated plot.


Kaz William is a UFO researcher who is haunted by mysterious dreams and who suffers from amnesia because of a para-implant infection, a woman who has forgotten her real identity and that in another life she’s been known by the Etherean Cadet Peacekeeper code-name Zyna. But an encounter with Jordan River, a metaphysical healer, brings about her freedom and she reconnects with her fellow Etherean and Cadet Peacekeeper code-named Eagle.


Earth is under serious threat from a very powerful force, and the Etherean Crew must liberate their kind, imprisoned in human form. But can they do it without the one who holds the key that unlocks the prisons, the degenerate Cadet Peacekeeper code-named Knight?


Follow them in a rollicking ride against impossible odds to fulfill a dream and save Earth.


This novel had me disoriented at first, making me feel as though I was navigating a space between dreaming and waking, between reality and fantasy, but the author has the gift of making readers believe in the world of the story, thanks to the clarity and precision in the writing and the ability to make the invisible visible. The characters, especially Kaz William, are well-developed, and readers will enjoy the journey some of them make to reach their true selves. The pacing is fast and there are surprises that will excite the minds of readers.


The Ethereans: Nemesis Rising is one of those novels that can’t be pinned down to a single genre, a beautiful meld of visionary, sci-fi, and fantasy, and a very delightful read.


The Book Life Prize Critic's Report

September 2017


"Interesting and Thought Provoking."


Plot: 'The Ethereans Nemesis Rising' is a fast-moving, action-packed, solidly constructed space opera that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Prose: Though the storyline is promising, the elevated language and extremely fast pace may appeal more to adults than young readers.

Originality: Reynolds’s ideas are unique and refreshing, with mysteries constantly surrounding the identities of each character and creature. The underlying issue in this plot takes a while to be revealed, but is interesting and thought-provoking.

Character Development: Reynolds characters are relatable everymen and everywomen who live in a strange world and encounter the creatures who inhabit the surrounding galaxy. Extraterrestrials are painted as individual beings or entities that constantly interact with and affect the lives of humans.


Enas Reviews

August 2017

"An intriguing virtual romp through realms beyond imagination."

The Ethereans Dark Genesis’ is an engaging adventure of exploration through the worlds of light and dark realms. The most honored Etherean - the Great Explorer - mysteriously disappears, along with other Ethereans, while venturing in a strange new virtual realm he had created using an unstable element known as energy. An elite crew of peacekeepers Captain Kestrel, Science Officer Lark, Engineer Bower, Navigator Swift, Communicator Nightingale, and Ensign Starling fight their way through a game of gods and mortals on a rescue mission to find their lost hero.


Engrossing, highly persuasive with witty dialog and a cast of admirable characters author C. F. Reynolds crafts mounting suspense that overwhelms skepticism. ‘The Ethereans Dark Genesis’ is a thoughtful, well plotted young adult sci-fi that showcases the author's meticulous attention towards the details of the plot and scenarios created smartly within the pages. Author C. F. Reynolds' novel is richly set with an intriguing virtual romp through realms beyond imagination that strives for diverse appreciation from the fans of the genre. A definite five-star must read!


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