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 "Television joins many preoccupations that potentially distract us from actualizing The Light of Awareness. Even positive experiences, if allowed to overwhelm us, create the distractions needed to keep us in the dark. Such distractions can develop into obsessive preoccupations over enhancing one's appearance, engaging in hobbies or sporting activities or worshipping celebrities to name only a few. Certainly, a healthy level of interest in such pastimes adds to the overall enjoyment of life. They become distractions when we allow such activities to take over our lives and block our awareness. If we look deeply enough, we discover that all obsessions involve a fear of some kind."

Invoking The Light gave me things to think about, practical things that I could put into my everyday life.  It will be something I use to enhance quite a few areas of my work, and will share with family, friends and all who come my way.  I was confirmed into The Church of England when I was 13 and was given a Bible and Prayer Book by my Godparents. Invoking The Light would be a great addition setting our young people on a pathway of automatically Invoking The Light for themselves, it will make them less fearful and more empowered in all that they do. As for the rest of us, I am looking forward to having these Invocations as an everyday part of my life, so thank you once again for writing this book and sharing it with all of us.
Please look up and get your copy, in fact, one will just not be enough, make sure you have a spare to share.
Love and Light
Happy Reading
Sheila Morgan

T. S. Bookshop News

Volume 11 Issue 1, April 2006


In truth, we need only live life Fully Aware. To become Fully Aware, all you need to know is The Light". C. F. Reynolds has travelled the path of many of us, seeking peace of mind through various practices. By Grace, she discovered that Invoking The Light lifts the Veil of Illusion, and does all the 'hard work' for you, by dissolving blocks, and empowering and accelerating positive intentions. Invoking The Light offers a way to completely dissolve the influences of darkness, and reveals your Divine Life Purpose. "The Light is love land truth in its purest form—when invoked, it will protect and empower you, always.

Living Now Magazine, Melbourne, Australia

Terry Stephens, Deputy Editor

Here’s great news for all those seeking to dissolve fear and subsequent obstacles from their life—it doesn’t actually have to be a struggle!


No longer do we need to contend with complicated, demanding rituals in order to ‘deal with’ an obstacle or difficulty—the simple and readily accessible action of Invoking The Light can eliminate the anguish that some situation may have embroiled us in.


It was her trip to Mossman Gorge on Aboriginal land that became a ‘Journey of Light’ for Ms. Reynolds as a series of  visions appeared to her, along with divinely inspired intuitive insights. The magic in the message of this personal account of spiritual breakthrough is that “by simply reciting the invocation, obstacles literally vanish, as you illuminate your life”. Why not give it a try?


Ms. Reynolds invites us to:


“Consider for a moment the blissful possibility that you do not have to ‘work on yourself’ or ‘resolve your issues’. To become fully aware, all you need to know is The Light. When invoked, The Light does all the ‘hard work’ for you by dissolving blocks, while empowering and accelerating your positive intentions and illuminating your clarity of focus.”


In seeking your divine life purpose, this book may just be the one to provide the guidance that you need to reach your spiritual goals effortlessly and with grace.

Book and Movie Adventures

with Ed Augusts

During the author's 2008 book tour of the USA and Canada, she met Ed Augusts of Ed Augusts Books and Readings in Tucson, Arizona, who was kind enough to write a review of her book. Please select the link to experience his entertaining perspective here.

Spiritual Media Blog

Matthew Welsh

Matthew Welsh of Spiritual Media Blog, 'The news source for spiritual entertainment', interviewed the author in December 2012. You are welcome to select the link to read the article here.

Book Reviews

The Light Workers' Way Magazine

October 2015


Thank you, thank you, thank you, what a beautiful, amazing, wonderful little book. I first saw Catherine at Universal Insights Expo in Gippsland, and then she joined us at our Psychic and Wellbeing Festival here in Mt Eliza where I brought my copy of Invoking The Light. As with all things it took me until just recently to open it up and what a treat it was.
I have already read it through twice, once with pauses to take it all in and practice the invocations, the second time to affirm the messages in my mind and take it into my heart. It is simple, it makes sense and it works. Let me open the book to see where it leads us:


Page 39

Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 2006.
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