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Major Highlights

Author Presents a Lecture at the Melbourne Theosophical Society


March 2010


Author C. F. Reynolds presented a lecture to Melbourne Theosophical Society on the truth of our existence and a simple yet powerful way to transcend the limitations of the earthly life and unravel the mystery of who we are and why we exist in this play of Light and Darkness. The universal appeal of Invoking The Light and its ability to harmonize with all beliefs and spiritual practices no doubt attracted the attention of the Society. On Facebook, Jean Lawson of Universal Insights commented, "Well done, Catherine! It's an honor to be granted a speaking spot at the Theosophical Society!" An audio recording of the lecture can be heard on YouTube.


Author Conducts a Major Book Tour of North America


December 2008


From August 1 to December 6, 2008, the author conducted a successful book tour of the USA and Canada, visiting more than fifty venues to raise awareness of her book, including major bookstores in Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.

Book signing and talk at the Metaphysical Bookstore in Denver, Colorado, September 2008

Of great interest to booksellers, the manager of the East West Bookshop near San Francisco commented that her venue hosted many high profile presenters, and the best outcome they had achieved for book sales was around 30%. At Ms. Reynolds' talk, more than 50% of those who attended bought her beautiful book! At the Metaphysical Bookstore in Denver, more than 80% bought her book!

New Leaf Accepts Invoking The Light as a Vendor

August 2008

The biggest distributor of Mind Body Spirit books in the USA accepted Invoking The Light as a new vendor! An encouraging sign Invoking The Light is on its way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon; truly a great gift toward empowering our lives, and making our communities and our world a better place!

Invoking The Light Illuminates TV Screens Across the USA

February 2007

Invoking The Light illuminated TV screens across the USA in an inspiring commercial, filmed in Hollywood and aired on national television during the author's debut in 2006–07. Ms. Reynolds wishes to express her heartfelt gratitude and blessings of The Light to everyone involved, especially Miguel, Bonnie, Athena and Corey for their inspiring testimonials. The commercial can be viewed on YouTube or on Facebook.

The Famous Bodhi Tree Bookstore Hosts USA Debut

June 1, 2006

The famous Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood, California, hosted the author's book signing and talk, launching the book's debut in the USA. A few months later, the author followed up her debut by attending New Age events in major cities, including Denver, Charlotte, Allentown, Providence, Austin, Seattle, San Jose, Fresno, Ventura, Santa Barbara and two events in Los Angeles.

Invoking The Light Interview Aired on Pathways TV, Melbourne, Australia

March 2006

Steven Bettles of Pathways TV interviewed the author about her book, which generated great interest. One viewer contacted the author to say that he was a Reiki Master and he decided to buy her book after perceiving her corona, while he was watching her being interviewed—the first time he had ever witnessed such a phenomenon on a television broadcast! The interview can be viewed on Facebook.

Invoking The Light Wins IPPY Award

June 2006

Invoking The Light made the semi-finals of the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards, receiving an Honorable Mention in the category of ‘New Age (Mind-Body-Spirit)’ and making the top 13% in a competition attracting 3,500 new titles and 1,500 publishers. Congratulations!

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