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Visionary books to awaken and empower you

Hardcover Book Available


Lift the Veil of Illusion


Expanded Tenth-Anniversary eBook Edition


To celebrate ten years of Invoking The Light, we are excited to offer the expanded 2016 Tenth-Anniversary eBook Edition, including additional Light Insights. You can get the eBook for free from Kobo. Just click on the button and it will direct you to the Kobo website.

A Revelation.

Inspired to seek the underlying truth of a profound spiritual experience, including numerous visions, C. F. Reynolds intuited a series of insights. They revealed answers to questions puzzling humanity since time began about the truth of our existence. Invoking The Light shares these insights in a Universal way, offering a fresh perspective on traditional and alternative beliefs.


Invoking The Light is Simple.


We expend so much time and energy coping with the difficulties of life in the modern world. For the first time, Invoking The Light offers a simple yet powerful solution. When invoked, The Light does all of the work for you, freeing you from whatever stands in the way of achieving your highest potential, as you to enter a state of well-being, fulfillment, and empowerment.


A Practical Tool that Really Works.


Invoking The Light offers a practical tool you can use at any time to empower your life—it takes only seconds! Importantly, Invoking The Light harmonizes with all spiritual practices and beliefs, and works even if you do not believe in it! Imagine the heights you will be free to reach as The Light vanquishes all fear, blocks, and obstacles from your life and the lives of those you love!

More information can be found here.

Visionary books to awaken and empower you


Dark Genesis

Part One of a Visionary Trilogy.
The lie enslaves them. The truth frees them.

This visionary science fiction thriller presents a unique view of the origins of the universe in a fun, thought-provoking and fast-paced adventure! It makes sense of the incomprehensible and challenges established notions about reality. A new contender among those compelling reads that make you question everything you thought you knew.
Exploration holds no limits for the Ethereans.

As immortal explorers and advanced beings of light, they create anything, become anything they can imagine, exploring worlds amid both light and dark realms. As light bringers, the Ethereans find the lost. They never lose their way... until now.


To know the unknowable.

Their most honored Etherean The Great Explorer promises to show his fellow explorers a realm where they may know the unknowable, think the unthinkable, and make possible the impossible. Only then, may they call themselves ultimate explorers. Then the unimaginable happens.


Lost in a strange new realm.

The Great Explorer is lost in a strange, new virtual realm he created using an unstable element known as energy. For the first time, light and dark coexist in a simulation of true reality. And the impartial administrator of his new realm the Overseer is using his access privileges to recruit players in his new game of gods and mortals.


They launch a rescue mission.

The Ethereans launch a rescue mission to find him and the others lost to this mysterious new realm. Captain Kestrel and his intrepid crew must find their kindred before the obstacles between them grow insurmountable. But like their hero, will they suffer the same fate?

Will they be lost forever?


Nemesis Rising

Part Two of a Visionary Trilogy.
Haunted and Hunted.

It’s present-day Earth. UFO researcher Kaz William is haunted by inner voices, visions, and apocalyptic dreams. Suffering from ethereal amnesia and para-implant infection, she is unaware of her true self as the young Etherean cadet peacekeeper codenamed Zyna. Like a valiant crusader on a quest, Kaz plays her part in helping humanity overcome a modern, occluded dark age.


All the while, an even darker influence pursues her. Invading her very thoughts, his piercing emerald eyes follow her every move.


Long Lost Friends Reunited.

After receiving a note from a ranting homeless man calling himself an angel, Kaz meets Jordan River, a metaphysical healer. He frees her from the para-implant, allowing a long lost friend to come back into her life, a fellow Etherean and cadet peacekeeper codenamed Eagle.


Imprisoned in Human Form.

The Etherean crew of the space-faring vessel Ultra-liner join forces with their kindred based at the secret underwater stronghold Challenge Earth. Together, they attempt to achieve the impossible. They must find a way to free their lost kindred imprisoned in human form. But first they must track down one of their own kind, a cadet peacekeeper gone rogue codenamed Knight. Only he possesses the key that unlocks a prison of form.


A World Forever Changed.

With the sudden appearance of Nibiru and the winged disk warships of the Anunnaki over the skies above Earth, Kaz joins Jordan and Eagle on a mission to rescue the captive Ethereans. They take an uncertain step into the unknown in a world forever changed by the unprecedented event they are calling the Crossing.




Part Three of a Visionary Trilogy.

The planet spaceship Nibiru looms over the Earth, and the companion star Nemesis roils behind the sun out of view. The haze of its iron oxide shroud casts an ominous, ruddy glow.

The people of Earth bear a heavy burden under Anunnaki occupation. The presence of their otherworldly overlords haunts humanity. They mete out a harsh new rule of law under their Old World Order. A catchphrase splashes across billboards: “We gave you life, we can take it away.”

The terrifying hit squads of their reptilian allies the Subterrans patrol the city streets to enforce martial law. Aliens mingle with humans in the streets and workplaces. Anunnaki sympathizers abound, lurking in the shadows of every neighborhood. Distrust grows like a pervasive thorny hedge, choking the psyche and dividing communities.

UFO researcher Kaz William and gifted spiritual healer Jordan River join forces with Cadet Peacekeeper Eagle and his fellow Ethereans. With the help of Captain Kestrel and his Ultra-liner crew, they embark on a mission to rescue their lost kindred. They work together to dodge the oppressive control systems of the Anunnaki.


With each passing day, Nemesis grows nearer. Wild weather has become the norm, and the people of Earth brace themselves as the rogue star approaches its heart-stopping perihelion.

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