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What strange codes of your life make you wonder if you are cursed/blessed or just unlucky/lucky?

In 2005, I experienced an intense 12-month period of revelation. In the dream state, I received insights revealing the truth of our existence, along with a powerful invocation. I used it in all areas of my life to see how it would work in a practical way, and it worked miracles.

Along with the insights, I received stunning visions in my mind’s eye, giving me an experiential view of the truths I was receiving. I documented these experiences in a journal and later published them in my book Invoking The Light: Lift the Veil of Illusion: a must read for all genuine seekers of the truth.

To answer your question about “strange codes”, I recall a vision in which a series of numbers appeared in my mind’s eye composed in a graceful script. This vision intrigued me, but I did not understand it until four years later when a friend suggested I compare the numbers with the Hebrew alphabet, which has a numeric equivalent.

The translation astonished me.

1 Aleph (power, oneness, unity, pre-eminence, first, beginning, not subject to multiplicity or division)

5 Heh (power, strength, alertness (wake-up!), grace, service, going forth, fast movement, anointed, prayers, protection, behold, to make known, let their be, come to pass)

7 Zayin (mystical number seven, spiritual perfection, sustenance, a spear or weapon, rest, wholeness, completeness, order, stability, holiness)

8 Het (protection, new beginning, resurrection, regeneration)

9 Tet (final judgment, harvest, duality [good/evil], concealment, truth, fruit of the Spirit, revealing what is concealed inside)

15 Yud Heh (name of God, salvation, healing, redemption, ascending, fullness)

19 Yud Tet (hand, sweep out, divine order, judgment, truth revealed or concealed)

41 Mem Aleph (God’s mercy, authority, giving of the Holy Spirit, mighty or foremost, power or force)

49 Mem Tet (seven times seven, reaching the ultimate expression of spiritual perfection)

I received the vision soon after I intuited the simple, yet powerful practice of Invoking The Light.

Invoking The Light offers the most powerful arsenal ever created to dissolve darkness, and that is all we need to do to transform our lives, our communities, and our world for the better.

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