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My Personal Anti-Viral Protocol

In 2020, during the early stages of the pandemic, I chatted with the young lady at the checkout of my local supermarket. We mused over the dwindling supplies of toilet paper and bottled water. Thinking of the virus, I told her that I have not had a cold or flu for fifteen years, and she said, “You must be doing something right.”

I smiled and said, “I sure am.”

Fifteen years earlier, in 2005, I started Invoking The Light.

As you know, I am the author of the non-fiction title ‘Invoking The Light: Lift the Veil of Illusion’. It documents a 12-month period of revelation during which I received a series of insights. They reveal the truth of our existence and a simple yet powerful invocation.

Since 2013, The Light has guided me to research viruses and other parasites, which is interesting, given recent events. During this time, I developed a protocol, serving as a sublime example of how The Light guides us in benign and indirect ways. The Light prepares us for whatever challenges life may throw at us. 

I reveal the protocol in my expanded eBook version of Invoking The Light, which I published in 2016. In 2020, I provided a summary of my protocol in a video. However, I decided to replace it with this article due to intense efforts to suppress anything other than the mainstream view.

Importantly, I do not offer medical advice. I developed my protocol from insights I received intuitively by Invoking The Light, which I consider to be the most reliable way to distinguish truth from illusion. Even so, I feel inspired to share my insights with others who may resonate with what I know to be true in The Light of Awareness.

During a pandemic, social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing face masks and gloves makes sense when done wisely, but we can do much more to ensure our health and wellbeing. 

In my own experience, I have found my protocol to be the only reliable way I can stay safe and well. In truth, if everyone Invoked The Light and adopted this simple protocol, there would be no panic buying and no need for lockdowns at all. In doing so, The Light guides us to what we need to heal and thrive with fearlessness and truth.

As many spiritual adepts know, physical health and wellbeing play an important role in any spiritual practice. In The Light, I know before any negative condition manifests at the physical level, it exists first at the metaphysical level. And by Invoking The Light, that is where we can make a measurable difference.

As Invoking The Light reveals, only the influence of darkness elicits anything of a negative nature. If ignored, it can build due to its insidious nature. But by Invoking The Light, we dissolve such influence before it may elicit any adverse effects in our lives, which may include mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

For this reason, the quest to enhance health and wellbeing plays a vital role for everyone, especially those who ardently seek truth and enlightenment. A whole food diet rich in nutrients balanced with intermittent fasting, regular parasite cleanses, and hygienic practices become paramount on the spiritual path.

My personal anti-viral protocol includes five weapons as part of an essential arsenal:

1. Supplementation

2. Food grade diatomaceous earth

3. A portable ozonator

4. A pressure cooker

5. A basic zapper

I include the following anti-viral and immune boosting supplements in my diet:

Vitamin C






Digestive enzymes

Alpha Lipoic Acid (taken with B Vitamins)

N Acetyl Cystein (NAC)

Milk Thistle

Vitamin D3

Omega 3

Fulvic Acid

Our world is a toxic place. Even our food may be contaminated by the build up of heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides in the soil. For this reason, purifying your body and what you take into it is important. 

Food grade diatomaceous earth removes heavy metals, toxins, and pathogens we are exposed to every day. It works in a mechanical rather than a chemical way. So does ozonating drinking water and all raw fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat, along with any food that is not packaged in a hygienic manner. 

Simply fill a spray bottle with ozonated water and spritz surfaces others may have touched, such as items purchased while shopping, and even your clothing. And after washing your hands, rinse them in ozonated water for added safety. You can even wash your cash and coins in ozonated water.

Importantly, viruses and bacteria can become resistant to anti-bacterial agents, but they cannot resist ozone or diatomaceous earth, since they work in a mechanical fashion. Both serve as nature’s remedy for reducing intrusive pathogens naturally.

And when it comes to cooking food, nothing compares with a pressure cooker to sanitise food while retaining precious nutrients. 

You may laugh, but I use a wonderful little device called a Basic Zapper too. You can find one at When worn, I have found it to offer some added protection from intrusive organisms, such as viruses, mould, and bacteria. Also, it works like a mini TENS device to alleviate occasional aches and pains, and it keeps the mosquitos away too.

Since 2013, I have been researching viruses, looking for ways to reduce the ‘viral load’ for better health. Viruses are replicators. By living inside the cells of other organisms, they can make more of themselves. In order to do so, viruses attack host cells, and then they move on to other host cells and do it all over again.

Clearly, we must keep our immune systems strong, and a healthy diet is the best way to encourage healing. However, certain foods reduce the immune function, namely sugar and the amino acid Arginine. 

Most people think a vegan diet is healthy. Certainly, we receive vital nutrients and fibre from fresh fruits and vegetables: I include plenty in my own diet. However, a vegan diet is higher in Arginine, which may be found in dark chocolate, nuts (especially peanuts) and seeds, chickpeas, caffeine, wheat, and soy beans. Of course, Arginine does play a role in a healthy diet. (Raise your hand if you adore chocolate!) 

The key is to balance our intake of Arginine with another amino acid—Lysine. The highest amounts of Lysine occur in animal products, although it may be found to a lesser degree in some vegan foods. You can help protect your body from viruses by lowering your intake of Arginine and increasing your intake of Lysine. Lysine boosts your body’s immunity and has potent anti-viral properties. It prevents bacteria and viruses from spreading in your body. Its anti-viral effects block the activity of Arginine, which promotes viral replication. Lysine can be found in grains like amaranth and quinoa, and is plentiful in fish (a potent source of Omega 3). If you follow a vegan diet, then you may consider taking a Lysine supplement to balance out the increased Arginine.

As for sugar, it has no amino acids, but it creates an acid load in the body, causing a temporary paralysis of white blood cells for half a day after eaten. When cells are sluggish, they cannot move fast enough to chase and attack foreign invaders in your bloodstream. In addition, tumour cells thrive on glucose and use fructose for cell division.

Clearly, we live in an infectious and toxic world, and only one thing lies at the very heart of it: the influence of darkness. We need only Invoke The Light to dissolve this hidden instigator of life’s negative conditions, freeing us to transform our lives, communities, and our world for the better.

Stay safe and well in The Light.


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