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The Ethereans: Dark Genesis on Sale for 99 cents until September 30th!

Exciting news! My new eBook 'The Ethereans: Dark Genesis' is officially available on Kobo!

Until September 30th, you can buy it for the special introductory price of only 99 cents! So make sure you grab your copy before the price goes up. Here's the link…

This visionary science fiction thriller presents a unique view of the origins of the universe in a fun, thought-provoking and fast-paced adventure! It makes sense of the incomprehensible and challenges established notions about reality. A new contender among those compelling reads that make you question everything you thought you knew.

If you enjoy the book (and I know you will!), please rate and review it on Kobo and let others know about it. Thank you!

Here's a short synopsis:

Exploration holds no limits for the Ethereans.

As immortal explorers and advanced beings of light, they create anything, become anything they can imagine, exploring worlds amid both light and dark realms. As light bringers, the Ethereans find the lost. They never lose their way... until now.

To know the unknowable.

Their most honored Etherean The Great Explorer promises to show his fellow explorers a realm where they may know the unknowable, think the unthinkable, and make possible the impossible. Only then, may they call themselves ultimate explorers. Then the unimaginable happens.

Lost in a strange new realm.

The Great Explorer is lost in a strange, new virtual realm he created using an unstable element known as 'energy'. For the first time, light and dark coexist in a simulation of true reality. And the impartial administrator of his new realm the Overseer is using his access privileges to recruit players in his new game of 'gods and mortals'.

They launch a rescue mission.

The Ethereans launch a rescue mission to find him and the others lost to this mysterious new realm. Captain Kestrel and his intrepid crew must find their kindred before the obstacles between them grow insurmountable. But like their hero, will they suffer the same fate?

Will they be lost forever?


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