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Is positive thinking an essential aspect of spiritual enlightenment?

I was a big fan of positive thinking. I used to believe positive intentions and clarity of focus were enough. Yet every time I set positive intentions, difficulties would emerge inevitably.

In an attempt to maintain my positivity, I reasoned that negative experiences happened because I had to ‘learn in order to grow’. In truth, when it comes to our enlightenment, there is nothing to learn; we need only raise our awareness. To become Fully Aware, all we need to know is The Light.

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of constant negativity. But by Invoking The Light, we dissolve the darkness eliciting difficulties or anything of a negative nature.

So, rather than force our minds to think more positively, all we need to do is Invoke The Light and everything will unfold for the highest good of all concerned.

To transform our lives, communities, and our world for the better, all we need to know is The Light.

Blessings of The Light.

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