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What is the meaning of John 8:32 — The truth shall make you free?

The answer may surprise you.

Long before Christianity, Jesus walked the earth, bringing Grace and Light. But due to the darkness ruling this world, he was restricted to speaking in parables and rarely spoke plainly.

Curiously, when he said those words, he was addressing a devout crowd. Even to this day, many of his sayings perplex the religious, let alone those of us who just want answers to life's questions. But in The Light of Awareness, confusion transmutes to clarity. The answer is simple.

We call this experience LIFE, but there's a word, hidden in plain sight, inside the word L-I-F-E ... L-I-E. The ultimate truth of our existence is this… We are living a LIE.

You may think there is no way out, but that’s what darkness wants you to think. There is a way out and Christian doctrine attests that Jesus is the only way. Truly, as I have intuited, only The Light saves us from darkness, and Jesus refers to himself as The Light. In other words, Jesus is a symbolic representation of The Light.

Put another way, if you find yourself in a dark room, do you wander around blindly to find your way? Of course not. What do you do? You turn on The Light!

Before I even read a Bible, I received the truth of our existence by way of direct revelation. I believe all spiritual truth is received this way, but darkness influences us to rely on interpretation instead of direct experience.

Interestingly, the Bible confirms many of the truths I have received. Jesus says, "Believe in The Light and be as Children of Light". In 1 John, it is written, "God is Light". From the moment I began receiving insights, I spelled The Light with capital letters. Years later, when I read that verse, I knew why.

In Matthew, it is written, that our salvation will come like "lightning". To know the truth that will set you free, all you need to know is The Light. Alas, men love darkness rather than light, for in The Light, their deeds are reproved. But by Invoking The Light, they dissolve, instantly, freeing us from the shackles imposed by darkness.

To heal the world of darkness, we must bring in and anchor The Light. But not just any light, such as cosmic or energetic light, which is of this existence. Invoking The Light enables the direct transmission of The Light NOT of this existence — Preexisting Light — The Light Beyond Energy.

The Light created all forms of existence, including this physical realm where light and darkness coexist, making it an illusion of reality. It was created with the best of intentions, but one thing was not anticipated — the insidious nature of darkness. And how could it be?

Only in a realm where light and darkness coexist can darkness operate in such a covert manner. This axiom reminds me of another biblical verse about putting light for darkness and darkness for light. Needless to say, it can be rather daunting, but Invoking The Light enables us to reliably distinguish truth from illusion.

Darkness has been allowed to build until it is no longer insidious. No longer can it hide. The Light has exposed the hidden things of darkness and has forced it out of its hiding places so we may Invoke The Light to dissolve it.

Indeed, the truth shall set you free, and only The Light dissolves the darkness obscuring the truth.

To transform our lives, our communities, and our world for the better, all we need to know is The Light!

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