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I noticed that I cannot tolerate negative people. Is this from my spiritual awakening?

Spiritually awakened people tend to be more aware than average. Most people ignore or avoid negative people or may even commiserate with them.

Many people assume that if you are a spiritual person you are also a positive person, and as such, should attract only positive people. After all, as they say, “like attracts like”. But in a world where light and darkness coexist, even positive people experience negativity from time to time. And if a negative experience generates more negativity, then we are simply feeding the darkness instead of addressing it in a simple yet powerful way.

Invoking The Light can help.

If you have an experience that elicits “intolerance” within you, all you have to do is Invoke The Light. By doing so, you dissolve the darkness eliciting it while raising you Light Frequency. In time, negative experiences will no longer elicit negative reactions within you.

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