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How do spirit guides guide me if they do not talk to me?

As I reveal in my book, true benevolence guides us in benign and indirect ways, giving us clues so we may work it out for ourselves.

I refer to “spirit guides” as Companion Light Beings and when you embark on a Journey of Light, they communicate with you in unlimited ways.

They may speak to you in the next billboard or road sign you see or in a conversation you overhear while shopping, or the first word you read when you open a book. Other signs include flashes of blue or white light, body chills, or hearing the sound of a bell or car horn. I refer to such subtle forms of communication as confirmation.

Companion Light Beings give you all the love, support, protection, and inspiration you need to Live in The Light. They represent your soul mates throughout your Journey of Light.

Even so, as you Invoke The Light, your Light Frequency elevates exponentially. In this way, your perception, overall sense of knowing, and intuitive ability grows at a rapid pace. You will gain a renewed perspective of mundane reality, as miracles become a natural everyday occurrence.

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