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What is the end game of existence?

The “end game of existence” is this…

We are here to do one thing: achieve Full Awareness.

In other words, when it comes to our illumination, there is nothing to learn. We need only become fully aware.

To become fully aware, all we need to know is The Light.

In a state of full awareness, we no longer question our existence. We know who we truly are and where we truly belong. But to attain full awareness, you must reach higher than you have ever thought possible… beyond consciousness, beyond energy to one’s preexisting true reality.

But you need a simple yet powerful tool.

Invoking The Light differs from other spiritual practices. Aside from being the simplest, easiest and most powerful path to true enlightenment, it activates and strengthens one’s preexisting light frequency.

How can this be possible?

Invoking The Light is not energy… it is preexisting light beyond this existence. How else may we truly transcend the limitations of this energetic illusion of reality?

To transform our lives, communities and our world for the better, all we need to know is The Light.

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