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What was the most beautiful, spiritual thing anyone has ever done for you?

The most beautiful, spiritual thing anyone has ever done for me involves an intriguing mystery that lifts my heart to this day, and I have never spoken of it publicly until now…

In 2006, on my first book tour of North America, I was searching for a motel to stay for the night. I had been driving for hours and every single place I encountered was fully booked.

It was the wee hours of the morning when I finally entered Erie, Pennsylvania. Despite the hour, I spotted a motel with its illuminated “vacant” sign shining like a beacon of refuge for my weary soul.

I checked in and explained that I had been driving all night and would like a room in a quiet section of the motel. I intended to catch up on my sleep well into the afternoon. Cheerily, he handed me the keys and gave me directions.

I parked in front of my room and smiled; it was the perfect spot where I could be all on my own. Needless to say, immediately I got ready for bed and collapsed. But I tossed and turned, only drifting off for a few minutes and then awakening again.

Strangely, I felt compelled to go to the window. I got out of bed and swept aside the curtain to peer out at a lightening sky. Then I noticed something on the windshield of my car. My knee-jerk reaction was to think it was some kind of infringement notice, but that didn’t make sense.

Curious, I got dressed and went outside. A gentle mist hung in the air as I plucked the plastic satchel from under the windshield wiper. I stared at it in amazement and rushed back inside my room.

The satchel contained the most perfect envelope I had ever seen embellished with exquisite scroll work, touches of gold leaf, and a red wax seal embossed with a single, beautifully scripted letter. It looked like a “J” or “I”.

Very carefully, without breaking the seal, I opened it…

I retrieved the matching letter inside. It had no writing on it, but it contained a little gossamer sky blue bag enclosing what appeared to be a piece of jewellery. I untied it, noticing two silver charms affixed to the ends of the ties, one a tiny Bible. It was a stunning necklace, lacing together graceful little pastel-colored crystals in various shapes, including ones shaped like tiny butterflies. They adorned a brilliant oval-shaped medallion inscribed with the words Live in the light. It glinted like platinum as streams of sunlight pierced the room.

I had a secret admirer! But how is it possible? It was my first trip to Pennsylvania, and I had been traveling all night. Could it be the nice young man behind the counter? Surely, he would not have taken the time to go to such lengths to give me a such a unique gift, sealed with red wax no less!

Then I smiled…

Could it be a present from guardian angels accompanying me on the physical plane to protect and guide me on my Journey of Light?

In my heart, I knew the answer and still do…

I will never forget that night or that city. I love you, Erie, and my secret admirer!

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